Our work Scope

  • Detailed Engineering

  • Procurement Engineering

Technical proposal – issue solution – Optimization of process for power and refinery and
petrochemical plants

Technical bid evaluation – project material list – developing M.R , P.O – Vendor proforma assessment .

  • Constrauction Service

Executive activities associated with utility and process units of power plants, refineries and
petrochemical plants.

  • Pre-Commissioning Services

Calibration – energized and de-energized tests for power and control systems.

  • Commissioning Services

Initiating all relevant tests through RFC (ready for commissioning) to RFSU (ready for startup).

  • Operation Services

Operating systems to achieve process stabilization and potential risks mitigation in order to avoid
any unexpected process shut-downs.

  • Maintenance Services

Preliminary maintenance is based on designated procedures and standards by means of
up-to-date software with an approach of sustainable production.

More Description

Construction, commissioning, start up, power and gas plant operations

All mechanical, piping, electrical, HVAC and instrumentation maintenance activities

Installation and commissioning of electrical systems in power plants and oil & gas
petrochemicals such as:

Substation equipment: installation / cabling / lightning / earthing…
Electrical unit equipment installation and commissioning
F&G systems installation and commissioning
Telecommunication systems installation (Lane / F.O / Radio systems / CCTV systems , …)
HVAC Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument equipment installation
HVAC Duct and Insulation installation
Maintenance and over hull of Gas turbine, Steam turbine, boilers and HRSG
Compressors and Turbo Compressors, High-pressure pumps and Hydraulic systems
Heavy equipment installation
Pipeline and support fabrication and installation

Installing control and instrumentation systems in power plants and oil & gas petrochemicals:
ITR equipment installation, cabling…
Unit equipment calibration and installation
Commissioning and operation of DCS & PDCS systems
Pre-commissioning, startup and commissioning    of electrical, control and instrumentation systems.

Procurement of electrical equipment such as (Protection relay, AVB …) of ABB, SIEMENS, AREVA,
SCHNEIDER and other well-known brands..

Engineering electrical systems such as:
Protection relay study
Network study
Short circuits study
Relay setting coordination
Erection, repair and maintenance of power and distribution transformers

Gas boiler installation
Preparation of installation area…
unpack and dress boiler…
Installation and test of water piping…
Insulation and test of venting and flue…
Preparation and connect of gas supply…

Piping & Mechanical systems such as:
Construction and commissioning of mechanical equipment
Pipeline test and commissioning
Pipeline support fabrication and installation
Steel structure fabrication and installation, insulation

Support and consulting on telecommunication systems such as: radio systems, Satellite systems, IT
systems, security systems…)

Commissioning, startup and gas plant operation, providing utility and process systems such as (boilers, sea
water intake, MEG, Gas train…)